Hello my name is Sónia , i’m portuguese and i love to sew and knit sweet things.

! Welcome to BERTH !

I have a lot of creativity and inspiration around me, my husband is a graphic designer and one of the best, my two crazy french bulldogs and their plays full of joy always make me want to do do more, the strenght of my brother and his wife supports  the days i have doubts and questions about my work and of course, the light that shines from my dad brings me a lot of happiness to do everything that makes me happy!

I learnt a lot of tricks of the sewing and kniting trade from my mother, but also in some workshops. I always liked to try to do things on my own in my mom’s old sewing machine when i was young. I started to try some very simple pieces for my dolls and lately for my students.

Made by hand means love!